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Norbert  H. Kern     Greenland Crossing
600 km by ski and dogsled   May-June 2008
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Camp Kilometers Traveled Position  (deg, min) Position (decimal) Total Km  
16 May 1 - 67° 04' N, 49° 04' W 67.0666°N, 47.0666°W -
17 May 2 18.554 67° 06' N, 48° 39' W 67.11°N, 48.65°W 18.554
18 May 3 24.607 66° 59' N, 48° 11' W 66.9833°N, 48.1833°W 43.161
19 May 4 21.451 66° 53.25' N,  47° 45.50' W 66.8875°N, 47.7579°W 64.612
20 May 5 15.670 66° 48.63' N,   47° 37.79' W 66.8101°N, 47.4625°W 80.282
21 May 6 26.698 66° 40.77' N,  46° 56.878' W 66.6795°N, 46.9479°W 106.980
22 May 7 26.450 66° 32.773' N,  46° 27.971' W 66.5328°N, 46.4752°W 133.43
23 May 8 24.455 66° 29' N,  45° 58' W 66.4873°N, 46.9760°W 157.885
24 May 9 30.138 66° 27.22' N,  45° 18.19' W 66.4540°N, 45.3030°W 188.023
25 May 9 - In Camp High Wind 188.023
26 May 10 20.892 66° 26.12' N,  44° 50.11' W 66.4367°N, 44.8352°W 208.915
27 May 11 27.472 66° 23.598' N,  44° 13.589' W 66.3932°N, 44.2267°W 236.387
28 May 12 6.467 66° 22.869' N,  44° 05.288' W 66.3811°N, 44.0881°W 242.854
29 May 12 -

In Camp

High Wind  
30 May 13 30.446 66° 19.47' N,  43° 25.32' W 66.3245°N, 43.4220°W 273.300
31 May 14 29.454 66° 16.756' N,  42° 45.980' W 66.2793°N, 42.7663°W 302.754
1 June  15 30.115 66° 13.853' N,  42° 07.134 W 66.2308°N, 42.1189°W  332.869
2 June  16  26.789 66° 10.73' N,  41° 31.96' W 66.1788°N, 41.5327°W  359.658
3 June  17  34.553 66° 06.515' N,  40° 49.811' W 66.1086°N, 40.7802°W  394.211
4 June  18 Cache


66° 03.142' N,  40° 10.835' W 66.1086°N, 40.7802°W  422.312
5 June 19


65° 57.036' N,  39° 34.095' W 65.9506°N, 39.5682°W 452.500  
6 June 20


65° 53.773' N,  39° 12.239' W 65.8957°N, 39.2040°W 469.715  
DYE-2 - 66.4916N,46.3054W

7. June 2008    Kulusuk


6. Juni 2008    We are at the goal!!      

Today we were again 20 km on the way, then the expected end came shortly before the glacier. We created all relatively probably-kept our very ambitious goal - proudly are we all!

As daily described, partly unexpectedly provocative days and events came to us. It was conscious to us all that it would not become Sparziergang - I had not however only underestimated the strains somewhat!

A great experience together with nice humans. We became acquainted with us partly only with the start of our expedition. An unforgettable experience for us will remain all.

A summary I save in my luck feeling. Obviously I was also with this expedition again oldest humans, who created that so far.

We wait now for the helicopter, which brings us after Kulusuk. Over Iceland then Sunday night back into the homeland, to my loved humans - my heath is and means children. Heath will fetch me, as it promised, on Sunday morning around 5:50 clock to Frankfurt airport. A long desired instant!

Last Night? - Camp 19 
We write in hopes that it is our last night on the greenland ice cap with a helicopter pick up scheduled for friday afternoon the team moved another 30 km closer to our pick up location. The weather is markedly improving as we descend now at 1400m the snow is consolidated and allows us to move fast up to 6km an hour the dog teams much faster.

                                                  Team 1                                                                                                            Team 2                                                            

                                          Dog Team

5. June 2008 The ice Gods of Greenland again reconciles with us.

Obviously the ice Gods gave their reconditions up against our excess of their territory. We had today our most beautiful day on the inland ice of Greenland. Our goal are closer we to 30 km. If no special weather circumstances make a line by our calculation, we will be tomorrow afternoon at the outermost end of the inland ice at the east coast of Greenland. From here the helicopter will bring us then directly after Kulusuk.

Third of my adventure journeys goes to end - hardly comparable with my expeditions to the south and north pole, and in each regard: more arduously, daily several times changing weather conditions, importantly more kilometer. It is creative nearly. Beautifully, exciting, partly fear-exciting - a further beautiful adventure!

All are in a good mood! Keith Heger did not let take itself it to say some words - here the translation shortly: We are overjoyed all that we are whole shortly before the goal - despite all weather-conditioned adversities. I admire Norbert, which understood it again and again - in particular also in critical situations - to motivate the team and go with good example in front. It is to be seen unbelievable, with which Kraft and Ausdauer he mastered the efforts of this expedition. And it is for me a special joy and honour, existed with it - after our common expedition to the north pole - also this adventure successfully too haben.

Camp 18 - Update Dog Cache  
04 June, 08 -01:22     

After moving to a later schedule for improved snow conditions the teamhas worked hard over the last two days covering 63km wee are at dog cache 78km from the coast! with good weather we hope to cover this in 2 days. keep us in your thoughts as we near the end.

                                   The Great Expanse                                                                                                    Home Sweet Home


                                                Sunset                                                                                     Warm Day Skiing in Long Johns


                                    Siesta                                                                    Greenland Weather

4. June 2008 Typical Greenland weather - no day like the other one. At night we had again strong wind, which weakened itself after the breakfast. Start only around 12:30 clock, there we the day before to 23: oo clock ran and 8 hours of night rest by the expedition line to be given.

Also today we ran again to 23: oo clock with dreadful snowstorm and head wind, we created our 30 km with -18°C. Slowly downhill, we is with approximately 1600 M. the view goes with the strong snowstorm was so bad that there were constantly falls. Also I went three times to ground - each time the fear that at the hips something happens. It went well!

Structure of tent today the secondarylast mark. On Friday, if the weather along-plays a little, we would have to achieve the deepest point of the inland ice at the east coast of Greenland. We want to run as far as possible. We experienced that much water on the glacier is and will fetch us at the outermost point a helicopter, which brings us directly after Kulusuk.

The warm shower always approaches! It is at present importantly more important to me than a good dinner with a good glass wine!

With our march today me again to consciousness came, like outstanding humans from seven nations into that well three weeks on closest area, during highest strain and at all no luxury with one another auskommen.

Still 60 to 80 km up to the easternmost point Greenland of the inland ice - and the large goal is reached!

Camp 17   3. June 2008              Renewed Sturmwarnung/'all-clear' signal
Around 5:30 clock we all of Peter, were waked our Inuit Schlittenführer. It looked after its dogs and saw the sky three-divided: the white surface at the ground, over it a broad blue strip and then white clouds - preliminary warning for extremely strong wind, about which I already informed during my preparation on this expedition, and indication for it that it loose-goes into two to three hours. We left immediately our sleeping bags and packed ours let us have and property together. The large tent of the expedition line was reduced. With our Zeltstangen the tent of the Chinese friends was strengthened and we three drew in with them. Before we built high snow and ice walls around the remaining tents. The carriages were upright placed, so that them in case of the storm again not in-snowed and must be excavated.

After three hours: 'all-clear' signal! Possibly someone meant it good with us! Over 13:40 clock we had reduced and made ourselves our Camp again on the long march. Around 23: oo clock we had put 30.4 km back. We had relatively good weather during the march. Cold weather tightened, thus the ski running was somewhat more bearable after the 80 cm new-fallen snow fallen yesterday. The sun, which shined later, made the life importantly easier for us and showed us fantastically beautiful pictures.

In the enormous snow one thinks over it, what is contained of everything in this snow. All our beverages, everything which we eat contains this snow cooked to water. Possibly which poisons, which fall with the snow, naturally not measured. We assume the entire garbage, which is blown into air does not distribute itself over the Greenland inland ice!

We are 1900 m height, temperature approx. -23°C. To run only about 90 km.

If everything runs well, still three times structure of tent and we are in Isortoq!

Camp 16 - update Jume 2             2 June, 08 - 11:38        66.1073N,041.3196W
Another great day of travel the team moved 27 km 3 short of the 30 km goal. Impressive none the less considering the tough conditions, 6 inches of fresh snow overnight left the team breaking trail. Tough on us and the dogs. weather was overcast with blowing snow warm near 0 C.

                             Sun Halo                                                                                      Kern

                         Team on the Go

2. June 2008 Snow, snow, snow…. The whole night snowed through. When I crept from my warm sleeping bag and the tent, about 40 cm new-fallen snow surprised me. The 9 1/2 snowed nearly continuously hours, which we could run, with the wind in the face with the dismantling of our tents and. The high snow loaded humans and animal enormously. The dogs, which normally " in their breaks around; Ranks in the Seilschaft" to fight or however with läufigen dogs for new generation provide want, lay flat and had to recover.

If one sees such snow masses falling within shortest time, there is hope that could be at least a small reconciliation for the melting of the glaciers. But we know, that are not so.

Went to me through the head, how my grandchildren Amelie, Moritz and Niklas would be pleased about so much snow to the Christmas season!

Katja went it today again better. It was tied up with the rope at the carriage and the whole distance was pulled tight. The snow lived not only at the forces of the expedition participants, but also the leader. There is again -25°C. As already several times mentioned the feet suffer much.

We, when for approximately 45 minutes the sun shined, were remunerated on the one hand with a wonderful view, on the other hand with a marvelous multicolored light underneath the sun, which is to be seen more frequent here. I hope that the picture, which I took up, which shows beauty.

Alex meant that what we created today was not ski running, but rather a fight! The snow, which let us sink to over the Knöchel, had at least a small advantage: There were no more smooth places. Under these circumstances we created nevertheless still 27 km direction east coast of Greenland. Only about 133 km up to the goal!

1. June 2008    
Katja collapsed!
Already yesterday the last four hours were much anstengend, not only for Katja - also for us. We had as well as no view. The constant change from deep snow to smooth places nearly without view at the ground demanded Kraft, Energie and high concentration, in order not to fall. Nevertheless we created our 30 km - probably too much for Katja.

With similarly poor visibility we today already started around 9:15 clock. After approximately 6 km broke down Katja and was occasional without meditation. We put it in warm clothes on the carriage. She got to drink and eat and drove to 20: oo clock on the carriage also. Is she now better.

The high concentration with the change from deep snow to smooth places with nearly no view loads naturally the feet enormously. Like that we had to do all again with the blisters, my socks were again red. After the telephone call with heath the care of my feet begins.

With support of the dogs we created our 30 km despite different problems and interruptions - also because of Katja -. We partly drove at the rope behind the carriage, occasionally sat or others on the carriage. We must catch up the lost time by the mad storm again. The dogs falls the work now somewhat more easily, there it easily downhill goes towards Isortoq.

The thoughts to the goal one may make oneself now. There is only 160 km!

Camp 14   31 May, 08 - 10:57      66.2742N, 042.7598W
After our storm hold up the last two days have been gorgeos sunny no wind and outstanding travel. 30 km in each of the last two days all in onky 16 hourrs of travel 8 per day. Today was eventful as we scared up some 60 birds resting in the cap. to far to clearly id the a few hiurs later a line cormorant. we must be approaching our goal! Did the lat long work on this transmision?

                              Kern with Ice Cover                                                                  Dogs Covered in Ice


                                  Birds in Flight

31. May 2008 Fantastically beautifully the march can be over the Greenland inland ice, if the weather goes through! We started today around 11:15 clock. Beautiful weather, to against 16: oo clock again more easily snow began. We saw during our march a large cloud wall before us to already about two hours.

Memories came on…. The wind up to now still weakly. We wait for the night!

We created scarcely over 30 km in approximately 8 hours. If the calculation is correct, still scarcely 190 km before us lie. Temperatures in the afternoon and at night between -25/-30°C.

Katja went through today again well. With us all - excluded the dog leaders (those on the carriages stand predominantly) - the feet are the part of the body, which suffers from most. My feet - like all different also - are very much damaged. But there is only 190 km to the goal - the feet are maintained in the evening and in the morning, and far geht' s!!

30. May 2008        Listen to the Audio Report
Peace after the storm. In the morning around approximately 9: oo clock diminished the wind. We run again, even record!

Until 13:30 clock we had to clear the tents and carriage away - above all our tent totally in-snowed (only the points looked still out). The dogs, from which the heads were to be only seen, howled for hours - it was terrible. Also this cruel weather seemed to displease you! They had to be defrosted. The skin with the ice breaking into (up to a half Kilo heavily) was partly cut off, so that they could run again.

All four Zeltstangen of our tent were demoliert, two could be repaired, two had from the reserve to be replaced. So we could run around 13:30 clock finally again. Katja had very early on the carriages. We created 30 km in 7 1/2 hours! Temperature about -20°C.

Some more to the dramatic past 24 hours: The wind blew already when ski running so strongly that we had to break off yesterday after scarcely 8 km. Only the small tents could be set up, the large tent were to no more to be restrained. After finally also our tent stood, we warmed up in the sleeping bags. The storm continued to blow unbelievably strongly - around the tent the snow banks from hour grew to hour. After few hours the Vorzelt was already covered so much with snow that we no more did not come to our luggage stored there near. After approximately three hours the rear part of our tent broke down. We put on our ski clothes and ski shoes and fled one after the other one from the tent. Outside of the tent one could see nothing at all! We called after Keith and let us Fei Bao and hoped that one heard us. Fei Bao was the only one. Through mutual acclamations we finally found the entrance to its tent. Katja had fear of death. Also I thought, how will end. In the morning we that the two dog leaders left their tent, in order to see after the dogs and us, experienced decreased/went back however, because they could not recognize anything. Only four hours later Keith experienced that our tent sank in the snow. Fortunately all other tents remained intact. And - as mentioned - we could, after the wind diminished, which repair developed damage.

Our adventure continues!

Survived the Storm   30 May, 08 - 12:27    66.3811N,044.0881W
The storm has passed and we are on the move again. 25m/s winds damaged one tent slightly. however the guides and repair parts and the tent is again 100%. Adventure as our Chinese friends described the night. it what we all live for. more to come.

                              Digging Out Camp                                                                                       Tent Standing


                                  Damaged Tent

29. May 2008 The reports today were very with difficulty understandable because of the unbelievably violent wind (150 km/h or even more). I try to show the received messages as well as possible:

Also today continuing was impossible - all remained preparatory in the tents, to have to react fast. As a precaution everyone wore its ski clothes, (hopefully!!) sufficient protection offers.

The tent, which divided Norbert with Alexandr and Katja, broke down and sank in the snow. They had to leave it as soon as possible. As far as I could understand it, stayed the warm Daunenjacken, the sleeping bags and other personal things. No view outside of the tent - the wind whirls the snow by air. On all four the three crept to Jin protect Bao' s tent, where they found accomodation. Keith and Annie (the two leaders) got Katja to itself in the tent. The dog sled leaders have their own tent. They have to eat everything and also a furnace, which donates something warmth -- and it hopes longingly for the fact that the wind diminishes finally! How will it continue??

28. May 2008 We have ourselves against 10: oo clock posed on the skis - despite strong wind. The expedition line made the decision to go, although all indications spoke against it. In addition, when starting it is not to be foreseen whether the conditions improve or worsen. And it wants to naturally keep the schedule if at all possible.

Katja blew it from the Skiern, it rode along then on the carriage. Fei Bao after 20 minutes weakly and from a dog sled one pulled. The remainder of the troop fought itself against the biting wind in the face with -25/-30°C through. The wind became stronger - and after somewhat less than 8 km one had to decide to abort.

We were close at a Katastophe, as with the structure the large tent - in that the Expeditonsleiter sleeps and we our meals together takes - nearly of it flew. In the last moment we could not hold it, the tent bag however. With large effort the small tents were developed together. The expedition leaders sleep now in a small tent - common meals: not possible.

We are strained, when finally after 4/5 days this gräßliche wind and extremely unpleasant cold weather diminish! The crew is still in good spirits, even if the wounds increase daily. Fei Xuan has a Knöchel swollen strongly, fights itself however admire-worth through.

If I regard and with compare my journeys now to both Polls together, was we to through-be entitled here have, feel I both pole expeditions as a somewhat more cumbersome walk!

With this strong wind neither airplane nor helicopters can land - nobody wants to be fetched to however still be able!!

27 May, 2008  
27km today in flat light and wind in our face. again like sking in a milk jug. it was my birthday keith heger's so the team throw a little party in the cook tent. after a long day with wind in your face the team is to bed early.

                                       Dinner in the Cook Tent

27. May 2008 At its 33. Birthday led us Keith Heger as well as Annie Aggens today across the highest collection of our crossing of the Greenland inland ice. At the same time we put more back than half of the distance at its birthday scarcely. Although we had 9 hours for a long time a cold, biting wind against us, we created 27.5 km. When now finally the wind turns?!

The dogs became importantly faster, after the last rise was mastered. They have it now crucially more simply, hopefully soon also we! The 26 dogs eat daily about 20 kg of dry fodder - we 10 humans take different food to daily approx. 20 kg to us.

The first thoughts to a warm shower and to a normal bed arise! A condition naturally that we reach Isortoq together!

26 May, 08 - 11:09     66.2620N,044.5011W
Bad weather broke this morning windsubsided and we got a noon a start covered 22km in 7 hours. As we left camp two skier pulling sleds crossed our path a team of two one from norway and the other estonia 18 days in the trek. looking for mire clear weather and good travel conditions. we are at 2350m having reached the summit we may climb a few meters mire but have reached the polar cap platue. more to follow.

                                 Kern                                                                              Lovebirds from DYE-2

             Kern in Bad Weather

26. May 2008 Finally Skiern! The whole night blew the wind to against 10: oo clock. Then fast one had breakfast, and with moderate wind we started. We had changeful weather: times snow, times sunshine. But all day long we had the wind in the face - no longer so strong, so that we could run. We created 25 km in 9 hours and now are on approximately 2,400 M.

Something to our dog bottom plates - all Greenland dogs, no Huskies: Dog the injured at the beginning of our march recovered and is again in the bottom plate. One the carriage is led by the young Dane Michel. Since there is not its own dogs, he has to do both hands fully to hold the 14 dogs under control. There are constantly brawls, not only during the breaks, but also from time to time while driving. Unbelievably, which the dog leader of everything has to carry out! That begins Nebenherlaufen when pushing, if the carriage remains being in the snow, so that the carriage does not become still heavier. Often the lines must be sorted apart - and so that can be done all day long. The second carriage with 12 dogs we of a Inuit named Peter led. It has importantly lighter work. It surprises me again and again, which constitutes it, if a bottom plate is led by the owner of dog. In any case humans and animal have to carry some out with this expedition!

We are glad all that we could run today again - despite smaller " Blessuren" with all expedition participants. As at the South Pole we fight with the Sastruggis. My shoulders hurt, just as bloody blisters at the verses and toes. If we come well in front, we count on further 10 days to Isortoq.

25 May, 2008 20:03    

Badly drifted snow surrounding tents requiring tents to be dug out and moved so as to not be drifted over, Norbert's tent required a full onslot by the entire team in order to uncover the door which had been drifted over.

Needless to say we did not move and enjoyed a day of rest and recovery. The wind stayed constant at 35 knots throughout and still continues as we post the pictures will share the raw beauty of the Greenland Ice Cap.

What will tomorrow bring?

                         Camp in Bad Weather                                                         Dogs in Bad Weather

                      Katia in Bad Weather

25. May 2008 For 34 hours over 100 km/h wind velocity! We could not run a kilometer!

Our tent lay unfavorably and snowed constantly at the sides so too that we had to vacate all half hour snow. Since this was not to be mastered, we - together seven - stored the tent in such a way with this storm that it does not remain hanging snow on the sides. For me an experience, from which I believed, it would not positively go out. But we are organized again and to each sleeping bag now are again because of the correct place.

We hope that over night the wind flattens so far that we can march tomorrow further!

Camp 9 - update 24th
24 May, 08 - 11:48
30km day outstanding effort by all. Conditions worsened throughout the day to 15kt winds and blowing snow. Mild temperatures-10.

                            A Cold Break                                                                           The Dog Teams

                 Managing the Dog Lines

24. May 2008 Long us a ice-cold wind blew nearly 10 km into the face. With unbelievable effort of force we created for the first time 30 km. The temperature is with -29°C; we are now on 2.300 m height.

This morning I looked after 8 days for the first time into a mirror - which I will completely surely only do after a shower and after the endured adventure again!

With this march one comes into dreaming. We are inclusive of ten humans, our two dog sled leaders, from seven different countries. During the day we work hard, the leaders with their dogs, we in our verschworenen community. We sleep together, we eat together, we talk with one another - everything with a goal: to arrive after crossing of the inland ice of Greenland at Isortoq!

Then one dreams further and introduces themselves, which became political leader of the G7 and/or G8-Länder such an adventure make, together hard would work, snow cook, in order eat and to drink be able, discusses, in order to achieve completely different goal: Justice and peace in this world. And then we make a break - and the dream is past!

With unbelievably strong wind it succeeded to us to set up our tents one after the other one. We threw the double quantity snow to the edges. If everything goes well, we become in two days at the highest point of our ice cap crossing ankommen. It becomes a stormy night.

update dye2    23 May, 08 - 22:50     66.2924N,45.5856W
We skied 23km today past the DEW station DYE2. A relic of the cold war. literally keep on ice since its last service in '88. more pictures to come. We slightly change course heading almost due east for our 265km ski to the next dog food cache.

                             DYE-2 Relics                                                                              Kern Frosty

                    Kern at DYE-2                                                                       DYE-2 Kitchen

                               DYE-2 RADAR                                                                        On the Way to DYE-2

                       Dog Team at DYE-2                                                                                 Dogs Sleeping


                               Lost Artic Birds

23. May 2008 A third of the distance is achieved. We are now on 2200 m height and have still about 300 m up to the highest place (2500 m) to overcome, then it goes again downhill. The inland ice - about 3000 m thickly - is enough in the water in and meets only then the ground.

Today we visited the abandoned station DYE2. Correction: , but 1959 build not 1940 - leave 1989. It looks like a film scenery - escape before the enemy: In the kitchen frozen ham, burst Coladosen, Bierflaschen are appropriate are still perfectly intact, for Pornohefte, gas bottles - a pure chaos. The airfield lying opposite is waited by a married couple and serves pilots predominantly for training and test the Hercules. In 2200 m height works that somewhat unreal.

We created today in beautiful weather 23 km, however by the visit of DYE2 a detour of approximately 27 km made. The forces or other team member diminish. It is ice cold here above, past night had we -30°C, now again only -25°C. I slip now into my sleeping bag - it was arduous day.

22. May 2008   Camp 7
A wonderful day - reconciliation for past heavy days! Start around 9:30 h. We traveled 26 km behind us and now are on 2100 M. to temperature under -20°C.

We could regard the mentioned relic from the hot 2nd world war and the cold war of the Americans following on it in most beautiful sunshine. An enormous building, part of a gigantic monitoring project of the Americans and later NATO.

Alex became today weak and had to ride along some hours on the sled. Hopefully he drank only too few and no cold or flu!

The troop is in the meantime very homogeneous. The two expedition leaders selected a speed, which corresponds both to the weakest team member and the dogs. The distance today reminded much of the expedition to the South Pole: A Sastruggi after that other one! To all surprise we could film today two birds - a kind of finch -.
Here the connection broke off. More then tomorrow!
21. May 2008    Camp 6
Bad night, better day. Daily default (25 km) exceeded.

Already when setting up the tents yesterday it was to be expected that it would become a very jerky night. The snowstorm became ever worse.

I had expressed one unpleasant night: My hip troubled me, as soon as I lay in the sleeping bag - despite volt arene. In addition I was on strongly a place sloping for the center of the tent, so that I constantly slipped with the smooth sleeping bag from the ISO mat and against my sleep comrade Alex. The storm raved the whole night - I had added no eye. In the Vorzelt we placed our shoes and the other luggage off my shoes were even in the tent completely course-snow. - Still in addition to the day of yesterday.

This morning 6:30 clock rise (which came me very against), 7:00 clock breakfast. Around 9: oo we stood for clock on the Skiern. It heard the sun snow on, came out. That ever more strongly becoming wind hunted the snow over the ground and formed fantastic things. The snow banks Sastruggis are called also here. Partial wonderful pictures with marvelous light, despite icy cold weather. Since the snow became somewhat firmer by the wind and cold weather, also the dogs advanced better. We created 27 km in 8 1/2 hours - despite breaks and now and then control rooms on the dogs.

The structure of tent straight was a Katastophe! We used everything that is present, for the attachment of the tents (ski, sticks…).

At night the hip troubles me, during the day my foot toes (we burn fires, know I from my hand ball time and of tennis plays).

I greet one from here from my Physiotherapeuten Hans weighing and its team as well as Holger Soukup, the best Fitnesstrainer in bath Homburg. I also mad humans in Boston would like greetings: Richard Laronde, which provides together with our expedition leader Keith Heger and my Mrs. Heide for the information on my website.

We are on 1800 m, it go now thus bergan and it continue to become colder and more arduously each day. I am broken - hopefully I find something sleep at this night. But it gives now to eat only somewhat.

Update from Camp 5    May 20, 2008   20:47        66.8101N,47.4625W
                         Team on the Trail                                                           Fei Xuan  and Norbert 

                        Fei Xuan and Fei Bao

After a full 30 hours of zero visiblity and blowing snow the team awoke to mild winds overcast and a fresh layer of wet snow making travel for dog and man difficult. We covered only 15 km in 7 hours. Tonight we have the good fortune if a slight temperture drop to -5c. hooung to freeze the snow snd make travel faster. Larry sends thanks to all those that sent birthday wishes.

20. May 2008 Camp 5
We had fear around our tents! Already with the structure we had to watch out that none of it flew away!

After our dinner the snowstorm continued to increase. We zurrten our tents again more firmly and put more snow on the edge. As a precaution warmer clothes were tightened, if the tents from the snow were torn and we had to intervene.

I was the latter, which has now finally also a tidy blister at the foot - like at that time at the South Pole. Nevertheless we could continue today. However it snowed the first hour further. The wind diminished fortunately. The new-fallen snow from well 70 to 80 cm was for the dogs with the heavy sleds a large problem. That was the reason, why we went to only 15.4 km, although we all are fit - far behind our target.

The troop becomes homogeneous. After Katja got ski and shoes of Annie, she ran outstanding. My friend Fei Bao has problems with the condition. It has the wrong equipment. Today is tried to reequip my old ski so that it Fei Bao relief bring.

A former, 1940 built radar radio secret station, which was removed in the cold war for spying the Sowietunion and continued to operate, is appropriate for still scarcely 80 km before us. This until 1990, the end of the Sowietunion and the Eastern Bloc.

In the evening we celebrated Larry' s birthday - with biting cold weather in the tent!

We can further of good cheer be attained together our goal!

Camp 4    May 19, 2008   10:07 PM  66.5325N,47.4550W
22km bad visiblity 1km tough conditions and we still managed 22km in 8.5hrs. more to go!

                         Larry's Birthday                                                                     Dogs at Rest       

                               1km Visibility

19. May 2008 For 19 hours it snows continuously - with moderate wind of approx. 40 km/h. This makes our ski running extremely heavy. Partial high snow banks, then again smooth places. Also the dogs do unbglaublich heavily.

We reached nevertheless our daily objective scarcely and now are on 1550 m height. The structure of tent lasted very long. The danger that the tent is blown away, was large. We cook ourselves straight something strengthening - all are rather exhausted. A small foretaste, which expects us on the summit: strong wind, high snow and -25°C! It is completely beautifully hard!

Camp 3   May 18, 2008  10:27 PM    66.6000N,48.1103W

                        Peter and the Dogs                                                                     Norbert

                         Greenland Ice Cap

Camp 3. Over the last two travel days the team has covered 45km. Conditions have been ideal no wind, hard pack snow and great teammates. We are slowly building our daily routine and have traveled up to 6km an hour. The dogs and mushers Peter and Mikkal are happy to travel with us. We hope for continued mild conditions and thank all our friends and family for their support.


18. May 2008 Start around 10:30 h. Covered sky and importantly more coldly: -20/-22°C. Toward end of the march the sun came out. A very hard day for us: more softly, very high snow - however much worse for the dogs. The sleds remained being several times in the snow. A dog injured itself and had on the sleds. Obviously it broke a front run.

We traveled today 24 km despite the adversities. Our troop is not homogeneous unfortunately. Fei Bao and his partner hardly follow, we waited for a very long time in cold weather for them. Also Katja in the end was on the sleds.

I am probably, both which spinal column and both hips concerned. Despite the completely new ski, which I had to take, one calls me also here "The German Machine". Owing to at Professor Hofmann by the clinical center Offenbach. Its titanium hip functions also here outstanding.

We will try tomorrow, will go again at night, in order to facilitate for the dogs the work with the extremely heavy sleds. The weight on each sled, which they must pull, amounts to at least 550 kg - alone their fodder for over 20 days weighs about 120 kg.

There were several falls of the expedition participants without serious consequences. But there is also only two of altogether 20 days, which we must run, production. Arduously, but beautifully!!

Many greetings to my family and to my Friends.

17. May 2008 We slept for a long time, since the dogs had to rest themselves. They had run yesterday 75 km and only about 10 minutes before us had arrived. Over 02:30 clock we are broken open and in 8 1/2 hours of 21 km created.

One in the team is something handicapt: The Chinese Xiu do not particularly strong. Katja has the wrong ski. We had to wait often for a long time for both. Hopefully that becomes tomorrow better.

We had a wonderful day. -10 to -15°C in the evening.

The dogs are unbelievably efficient and make themselves much joy!

Update 1   - May 16, 2008   11:27 AM

                             Greenland Team                                                                             Dog Team

We have arrived on the polar ice cap. After a short flight in a twin otter the team landed successful. Meeting up with our 2 dog teams. The team has 26 dogs and two sledges in support of our crossing. We are 485km from our goal. The east coast. Weather is outstanding. Clear with a slight wind. We are preparing to ski for our first full day. Check back for more.


16. May 2008 Day of the takeoff to the inland ice. We had to fly approx. 70 km with a twin Otter over the glacier, there too much water over and at the edge of the glacier down raft. After short flight and wonderful view over the glacier landing after 18 minutes on the inland ice in approx. 900 m height (temperature about 10 15°C).

Cordial receipt by two Inuit Hundeführer with in each case 14 dogs and relatively large carriages for our luggage and our food supply for 21/22 day. I already made friends myself with two white, beautiful Greenland dogs - also they need stroking units!

Our tents stand already. The dogs arrived straight before us and need about 18 to 20 hours of break. We will begin our long march from approximately 560 km in 10 to 12 hours to the east coast. Daily 30 km are planned - always presupposed, the wind, which blow here strongly, permit it us.

We sleep too third in a tent, this time with Alex and Katja from Greece.

We are more than happy all that we can enter the inland ice after so many months finally. The adventure begins!

 3 to 4 pictures we send tonight.

May 15, 2008 - Extra
                 Norbert Kern in front of Icebergs                                         Icebergs in Kangiar-Ililissat Fjord

Pre expedition update 1
Welcome to the teams first update from Greenland. We are in Kaangersulaq having finished a enjoyable dinner. We look forward to moving onto the ice cap tomorrow. Stay tuned for more.


15. May 2008 When waking up in Ilulissat it snowed violently. We had large luck during the two and a half days: radiating sunshine and wonderful light! From the snow we had some delay with the takeoff from Kangerlussuaq.

In Kangerlussuaq we met the remaining members of the expedition: Katja from Athens (42 years old) as well as Larry from the USA, Keith Heger and Annie Aggens received us at the airplane. Jin Fei Bao and his friend Xiu Fei spent days in the area around Kanderlussuaq.

Our equipment was tested (I had somewhat too much brought along - however reliably is safe!). Then two hours of training.

Tomorrow it goes now finally loosely! The ascent over the glacier is not feasible - everywhere water flows. We are therefore flown by helicopter approx. 1200 m. There the dogs wait for us, and we will go tomorrow the first distance.

Temperature is to be with -25°C. Already the wind strengthens. The temperature is therefore no obstacle, at least for the start. However problems could be created by the wind.

All the same: I am pleased to have finally again my skis under the feet, in order to be able to begin our adventure!

Of Ilulissat and the terribly beautiful icebergs in the Ilulissat ice fjord we will bring the first pictures in tonight and send to Richard Laronde - if everything functions as planed.


14. May 2008
Again with the boat along the Kangia/Ilulissat Icefjord - by the discotheque bay until Ilimanaq. Fascinating pictures of the gigantic icebergs!

Ilimanaq is settled one of the oldest settlements of Greenland (belongs today to Ilulissat) , - again and again with interruptions - by Inuits for 4500 years. 1719 to 1737 lived here a dutchman (Klaes Pieterss), who itself with intensive whale-catching busy. 1741 took over the Danish trade mission the settlement. Bloom of this settlement by whale-catching until 1880, decrease of the number of inhabitants drastic thereafter. Today live here only about 80 humans, who are occupied with fishing and the hunt.

Invitation of the mayor of the settlement to the lunch. Discussion - which interested me naturally much - over the future of Greenland and the Inuits, over the alcoholism above all the youth and the high suicide rate. The old Inuits tries to interesseieren its youth again more for their ancestors and for their country . A referendum of the Danes in November 2008 is to decide on further liberties of the Inuits.

A wonderful day! My thoughts now already are during the preparation of the crossing of the inland ice of Grönlan. The tension grows!


13. May 2008
Attendance of the city Ilulissat, in which Knut Anderson one spent the largest part of its life. Oldest village of the Inuits. The old Zions church visits and the small romantic “old part of town”.

An unforgettable midnight travel into the fjord with an old fishing boat - indescribably beautiful!
Unfortunately still no pictures.

Weather: Amazingly friendly, blue sky, sunshine - around 0° C.

The tension on the adventure crossing of the inland ice from west to east rises!


The adventure Greenland began!

To 12. May 2008 arrival in Kangerlussuaq. On the same day we (Alexandr Drodzkov and I) continued to fly to Ilulissat, to the Kangia ice fjord (UNESCO world nature inheritance), which offers an overwhelming sight with its up to 1000 m to high ice aborts. Unfortunately still no pictures, since the technical equipment is not available yet.

Norbert H. Kern, after he reached the South Pole on 18 January 2007 and on 27 April 2007 the North Pole on skis pulling sledges in the back reached, is now on the way to cross the inland Ice Cap of Greenland from West after East. This represents approximately 560 to 600 km of distance. On the traces of Nansen, who traveled this route in 1895. The predicted temperatures for the expedition are -30°C to -35°C, perhaps even lower.

In the summer time, in which Greenland is at present, is to be counted on the inland ice strong wind also - up to 200 km/h -.

The equipment for approx. 3 to 4 weeks by Greenland dogs under the guidance of a Inuit one pulls. The expedition participants Jin Fei Bao, Fei Xuan, Alexandr Drozdkov, Lawrence Paul Lahay are together with Norbert Kern on the way, led from the expedition leaders Annie Aggens as well as Keith Heger, which was also the expedition leader at that time to the North Pole. Norbert hopes, its wife daily one report over iridiumGPS - to give to be able, 1 to 2 pictures go by Satellite telephone directly to Richard Laronde (expedition participant to the South Pole), which both - pictures and report - Will be posted on the Website.


Click image to see Matterhorn Training video


Visit the Northwest Passage Expedition page


Also on this expedition will be Alexandr Drozdkov (left) and Jin Fei Bao (right) that accompanied Norbert to the South Pole


Norbert has been training for Greenland at the  Matterhorn in Switzerland


Greenland Ice Cap

More information coming soon!




Norbert H. Kern hat einen Reisebericht veroeffentlicht, mit Gedanken ueber sein Leben, die während der langen Maerschen zu beiden Polen durch seinen Kopf gingen. Titel: Erfüllung eines Jugendtraums

Norbert H. Kern published this diary with thoughts about his life, written in his tent, during the long marches to both poles. Title: Fulfilment of a Youths Dream

 published/erschienen:  2007. Pabst Science Publishers, D-49525 Lengerich (germany)

ISBN 978-389967-431-8



Norbert Kern zum NORDPOL!
April 2007

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